by Go Slowpoke

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(free) 03:23


Written and Recorded by Peter William Woiwod in his bedroom in Bellingham, Washington using Garageband and a little Tascam interface that lets you run two mics into your computer at the same time.


released May 30, 2011



all rights reserved


Go Slowpoke Portland, Oregon

Tom J. Ferrell, Kevin Lee, and Peter William Woiwod, singing their dicks out.

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Track Name: Bees
Oh yeah I know that I was on your side back then,
but I'm not sure if I can say that now.
It feels different.
While I was waiting like a roadside bomb to blow,
like the sky you knew there'd be a day you'd glow.

So when you give yourself away for free, for fun,
it doesn't matter if my hands felt good.
Don't everyone's?
& I could smile all the way through hell for you,
but I can't think of anything at all to do.

I really thought that I was close this time, I swear.
I didn't know that when you lose your mind it's not anywhere.
So you were always gonna leave your thorn in me,
and I was always dying there with you, like bees.